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Hello world!

January 3, 2023 - Reading time: 2 minutes

I have just set up this blog. I was looking for a wiki style website but I could not find anything that would be simple enough to use.


This blog is running on Bludit deployed on YunoHost, that is running in a Proxmox VM at my home.


This software is running on a second hand small form factor Dell PC that is neatly stuffed behind a switch in a cabinet in utility room.

It was important for me to have a proper VLAN setup to isolate internet facing hosts and traffic from the rest of my home network. This included getting "smart" switches and setting up a router. This should make me less worried about security of the whole setup.

The router is set up on NanoPi R2S running OpenWRT. I am using my old NetGear switch and a new NetGear switch that I flashed with OpenWRT as well.

On the cover picture is the new NetGear switch. You can see wires that are soldered to UART. This allowed me to flash the router with free software. The reason to do it was NetGears' insistence on crating cloud account. They probably want to run their hardware "as-a-service" like all the companies these days. No, thanks; I do want to actually "own" the thing.


This setup took me a while to build but I hope it will serve me well for years.