iperf3: Tesing network bandwidth

October 28, 2023 Reading time: 2 minutes

iperf3 is a tool for performing network throughput measurements.  It
can test TCP, UDP, or SCTP throughput.  To perform an iperf3 test the
user must establish both a server and a client.

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2023: Summary of last 20 years of internet technology advances

September 24, 2023 Reading time: 5 minutes

Many things have changed in last 20 years in our technology but our architects are still stuck in 70ties. This leas to undoing or ignorance of 90ties innovations and exposure of all us to harm.

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Consequences of HTTP APIs for configuraiton management systems

September 3, 2023 Reading time: 4 minutes

Difference between OS and HTTP API resource management

Unlike configuration management systems that work with OS configuration, by infrastructure here we mean systems where resources are accessible via HTTP REST APIs.

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Installing AUTOMATIC1111 on VoidLinux

July 18, 2023 Reading time: ~1 minute

As of Jul 2023 VoidLinux comes with Python 3.11 which is incompatible with PyTorch.

Anaconda and Nix come with libstdc++ ABI version 5 where AUTOMATIC1111 requires version 6 (as available in VoidLinux).

Here I show how to build Python 3.10 XBPS package and install AUTOMATIC1111.

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Trivial local notes with PHP

June 10, 2023 Reading time: 2 minutes

Post notes to you local network server.

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Qualcomm AGPS request

May 19, 2023 Reading time: 2 minutes

I have captured AGPS request to see what exactly is sent to Qualcomm when fetching AGPS database.

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Password lengths and KDF

April 23, 2023 Reading time: 31 minutes

Password strength calculations given class, length and PBKDF2 iteration count with may assumptions made.

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xdg-open: Setting default handler for supported mime-types

April 16, 2023 Reading time: 4 minutes

Many programs on Linux desktop use xdg-open program to start program given a file based on detected file mime-type.

This script will allow you to query and assign all supported mime-types to a default application.

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Fix: JitsiMeet in YunoHost stops working

March 27, 2023 Reading time: ~1 minute

JitsiMeet page reloads on error

Looks like YunoHost uses metronome and it will get re-enabled with updates but Jitsi needs prosody instead.
Jitsi would stop metronome on install.

SSH as root and run:

systemctl stop metronome
systemctl disable metronome
systemctl restart prosody

No video/sound for participants

It was working fine, but after reboot/update the participants are there but they have no video/sound and there are no errors in JS console.

Just reinstall.

Listing page links with Lynx

February 12, 2023 Reading time: ~1 minute

Sometimes you need to get a list of links on a website. Instead of trying to parse the HTML with some library you can just use Lynx.

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PDF presentation from Markdown

January 27, 2023 Reading time: 3 minutes

I use Markdown format to write my notes and documents. You can use Markdown to create presentations in PDF format.

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Mounting SMB drives under linux the old school way

January 14, 2023 Reading time: 4 minutes

Setting up /etc/fstab entry for SMB (Windows) file share can be tricky. Here I document options that I use. Today many file managers will offer built-in support for mounting SMB shares using FUSE userland file system support instead. Read more

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Serving files over HTTP from Synology DiskStation

January 4, 2023 Reading time: 41 minutes

Synology DiskStation has many options for file access. This includes protocols like SMB, NFS, AFT, FTP and even rsync. But surprisingly it does not have any easy way to serve read-only files over plain HTTP without authentication to you local network (or internet if you forward ports).

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Hello world!

January 3, 2023 Reading time: 2 minutes

I have just set up this blog. I was looking for a wiki style website but I could not find anything that would be simple enough to use.

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